Building Companies. Creating Careers.

Who We Are

Victory Advisory Firm works side by side with entrepreneurs to transform their passions into category leaders. We own majority stakes in many emerging companies in the healthcare, finance, beverage, and fitness industries. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and functional experts in business law, investment and finance, accounting, data analytics, marketing, and brand building.

We engage in a combination of developing companies ourselves from the ground up where we play the role of entrepreneur, as well as advising entrepreneurs on all aspects of their exciting businesses. We help our companies grow by providing hands-on strategic, legal, operating, analytics, marketing, financial reporting, and financial resources. Our goal is to build companies into strong brands with sizable, positive cash-flow, putting them in a position of financial stability, or setting them up for a strategic exit if that is the desired goal.

At the core of our success is our team.

We invest in people, not industries

Who We Work With

We invest our time and resources in people, not industries. We look for people who have an undeniable belief in themselves and their business opportunities. Our goal is open the “HOV lane” for entrepreneurs to create and build industry-leading brands, with strong financials, as well as undeniable customer loyalty. Our assessment of prospective opportunities begins with the entrepreneur. Only after we assess the passion of the entrepreneur do we consider the underlying industry, product offering, and financials. We want our team to wake up every morning excited to work with our entrepreneurs.

Why Work With Us

We are hands-on operators with a proven track record of success. In our own entrepreneurial endeavors we’ve overcome brand building challenges, financial challenges, and legal challenges. When entrepreneurs get distracted by these challenges, realization of their vision suffers. We bring expertise, resources, and clarity; allowing our entrepreneurs to focus on being the passionate visionary leaders their businesses need to succeed. We want our entrepreneurs to wake up every morning excited to work with our team.

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